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The cottage consists of two separate buildings, a main cottage and a sleeping cabin.
Beds for six people are standard. An extra bed for a child can be placed in the cabin on request. The main cottage has a sofa bed, which provides an extra bed of approx. 120 x 180 cm. There are eight blankets and pillows. The cottage is the most comfortable for a group of six.

Main cottage


Bedroom with two single beds, living room with sofa bed, kitchen, washroom, and sauna. Large terrace.


Electric heating and clean tap water.

The kitchen has all utensils from cooking to dining, fridge / freezer, coffeemaker and kettle, toaster, microwave, electric stove, and dishwasher.

The sauna has a wood-heated stove. The dressing room, washroom, and sauna have its own entrance from the terrace. The toilet is in the washroom.

Sleeping cabin


Electric heating. In summer a wonderfully cool place to sleep! Two single beds and a bunk bed (200 × 90). It is possible to have an extra bed for 0-4 year olds in this space.

In summer there is TV in the second room.

Yard, beach and lake


Yard swing, garden furniture for six, gas grill, fireplace, and boat. Child friendly beach. At the end of the pier, the depth is about 2 m.

There is also a woodshed and storage building in the yard.


Kuhajärvi has clean, clear water. At the deepest point, the ground is at 36 meters.


From the lake you can fish e.g. perch, pike, bream and whitefish. No fees are required for fishing with hook and worm or ice fishing. A fisheries management fee is required for fishing with lures or traps or crayfishing. You can buy permits here: fisheries management fee

Harhala's membership certificates are required to keep traps. You can use the certificates which are on the cottage.

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